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Creating Healthy Buildings

We adhere to the fundamental belief that a unified team produces the best results. Over the years we have tackled many complex and unconventional building projects. Along the way, we have learned it's critical to work as a cohesive design-build team to ensure we deliver consistency and excellence on all projects.


Our team is comprised of individual experts: designers, engineers, project managers, superintendents, carpenters and more. All team members work dynamically in a unified effort to engage clients in creating healthy and inspiring buildings. ​When appropriate, we collaborate with outside experts such as architects, landscape architects, and specialty sub-contractors to achieve our clients’ goals. The clients dreams, goals, values and budget are the most important objectives in any healthy building project. We weave all the objectives together, aligning ourselves every step of the way to ensure fast and efficient delivery—even for the most complex and unconventional projects.

Our design-build team aligns all project objectives and criteria to ensure we achieve a project’s design intent, budget goals, sustainability measures, and the craftsmanship for which Elevated Custom Construction is known. We track the budget closely and communicate the return on investment for all construction measures that result in healthier, more durable buildings.

Our talented carpenters and construction managers have a deep passion for excellence, precision, and craft. A fundamental value of exceeding expectations drives every measurement, cut, and installation. Members of our construction team are excellent craftsmen and women who uphold Elevated Custom Construction's high standards. Because we operate as a unified design-build team, all design plans are executed with exacting detail.

Elevated Custom Construction's team has years of experience keeping projects on schedule and on budget. All team members communicate early in the design development phase, which helps ensure design elements are vetted by the construction team and can be installed efficiently and effectively. From project inception through final completion, our expert construction managers ensure that precision of craft and effective detailing are delivered with the intended design.

Executed with Exacting Detail

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